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We sell and services gas feed systems from Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan.


Technical services


You need technical service?
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Chloratech Inc. offers its clients first-class technical service for warranty claims and repairs. Our technical team provides fulfillment on an always-growing number of service contracts. Our national repair center, located in Quebec City, meets the most stringent industry standards. Our technicians always strive to achieve their personal best, and we’re very proud of them! They are factory trained and available 24/7.

When was your last equipment inspection? Did you know that all chlorine gas equipment should be checked at least once yearly, and, on many manufacturers’ recommendations, even more often?

Regular maintenance of your equipment means you can disinfect safely and effectively, while protecting your investment.

The Chloratech technical service team offers a complete maintenance and repairs for our entire product range. Our qualified technicians can provide the following services:

  • Repairs
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Training
  • Safety inspections
  • Calibration
  • Technical requirements
  • Service contracts (depending on region)
  • Technical evaluations
  • Consulting services

Here’s a list of products and manufacturers for which we provide after-sales service.

Types of units Manufacturers / Trademarks

Wallace & Tiernan



Acutec 35
Depolox 3 Plus
Force Flow Chlor Scale 150
Solo G2  and Wizard 4000
Hydro Chlorinator
Vacuum Regulator
Superior Auto-Valve
Enchlor Series 8000
Series 9000
Serie 9000 Internal S/O
Series 2000
HF Scientific MicroTOL
Accuview OL
Pulsafeeder E-Series
Premia 75
Scales Force Flow

32.055 feeder

Polymer systems
Encore 700 pump

Primary Fluid TVBP
Moore Gas calibration





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