Turbidimètre MICROTOL+

  • Nettoyage ultrasonique
  • Lumière blanche ou Infra Rouge
  • Certifié USEPA et ISO 7027
  • Enregistrement interne sur clé USB

MTOL+ Engineering Specification Sheet

Guide de démarage – Quick start guide
Manuel instruction – Instruction manual MicroTOL+

Encore® 700 Diaphragm Metering Pump

encore<sup>®</sup> 700 A rugged, heavy-duty mechanical diaphragm metering pump available with six diaphragm sizes and simplex, duplex and double simplex configurations.


The Encore® 700 pump is engineered to handle industrial and municipal metering applications in water and wastewater treatment, swimming pools, food processing, chemical processing, brewing and distillation, and agriculture.


 Configuration Options
 Simplex Pump Offers single head design on single gear box with stroke control.
 Duplex Pump Offers two identical sized heads on single gear box with common stroke length control, and a direct drive arrangement.
 Double Simplex Offers two heads with two gear boxes each with independent stroke length control, and a common motor.



Combines robustness of hydraulic diaphragm drives with the unparalleled economy, simplicity and serviceability of mechanical diaphragm liquid ends. Handles capacities to 634 gph (2,400 l/h), back pressures to 175 psi (12 bar). Non-loss-motion (amplitude modulation) stroke adjust mechanism renders unrivaled efficiency, longevity and reliability. Choice of two field convertible drives-direct coupled or pulley coupled. Precision engineered liquid ends meter mild solutions, aggressive chemicals, high viscosity polymers and slurries with far greater efficiency than conventional liquid ends. Clear PVC cartridge valves for fast, fool proof service with no piping disturbances and built-in visual indication of operation. Premium diaphragm design ensures high metering accuracy, even at varying discharge pressures.


Efficient, reliable and smooth discharge pattern through the use of a variable non- loss-motion eccentric stroke adjustment High metering accuracy even at varying discharge pressures Choice of direct coupled or pulley driven, for an additional 4:1 turndown on stroke frequency Fast and easy service of valve assemblies without disturbing the suction and discharge piping Visual indication of operation with standard clear PVC valves housing Choice of configurations:- simplex, duplex and double simplex.

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Havre St-Pierre, Qc.

Fournitures d’un nouveau système de désinfection au chlore gazeux pour la municipalité de Havre St-Pierre.

  • Chlorateur Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan V2000
  • Controleur proportionel au débit SFC-SC
  • Régulateurs de vide Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan modèle 210S à transfert auto.
  • Détecteur de fuite de chlore Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan modèle Acutec 35
  • Balance Force Flow Solo G2

Eclipse Actuator

Halogen’s Eclipse actuators and system controllers are designed to be used with standard 150 lb. cylinder and ton container valves. The Eclipse is an automatic-closing, fail-safe valve closer that supplements the manual operation of these valves by providing for powered valve closure in case of an emergency. No modification of existing container valve or related hardware is required to install the system controller or Eclipse actuator. The Eclipse actuator is the heart of the Hexacon, Duplex and Simplex systems where greater closing torque on the valve is required.

The medium weight (10 lbs.) Eclipse actuator provides an electronic powered closure of a ton container or a 150 lb. cylinder valve. During an emergency, the actuator will close the cylinder / ton container valve with 50 ft.-lbs of torque when triggered by a gas leak detector, remote switch, or any combination of automatic or manual switches. The mounting clamp attached directly to standard yoke assemblies and can be integrated with a valve mounted vacuum regulator to give added safety against gasket or packing leaks.


  • Closes valve in less than one second.
  • Mounting clamp fits standard valve and hardware
  • Through-shaft design enables manual operation at all times.
  • One-way clutch insures power-to-close only.
  • Applies Chlorine Institute recommended torque.
  • Three Year Factory Warranty

View the Hexacon System

View the Duplex / Simplex System

View the Eclipse XP™ System


Analyseur de chlore, pH et Température en continu Depolox 3 Plus

Avec plus de 800 installations au Québec, le Depolox 3 Plus est l’analyseur le plus populaire et le plus apprécié de nos clients.

  • Pièces en inventaire à Québec
  • Économique – l’analyseur le moins cher à opérer
  • Très facile d’entretien
  • Nettoyage en continu des électrodes
  • Le seul à avoir un régulateur de débit intégré


Brochure DEPOLOX 3 plus (5)
Procédure de calibration Depolox 3 Plus – Depolox 5
Depolox 3 Plus Quick start guide v2


Manuel d’instruction Depolox 3+