Analyseur de chlore pH et température Hydro Instruments RPH-260

  • Chlore libre
  • pH
  • Température

Sonde de mesure à membrane capable de fonctionner avec une faible conductivité (10 uS et +)

Moins sensible aux variation de pH que les autres analyseurs ampérométrique.

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RPH-260 manual




Real Tech’s online UV254 / UVT analyzer provides rapid real-time measurement of organic matter in water or wastewater output as UV254 (cm-1) or UV transmittance / UVT (%). The UV254 analyzer utilizes light at a 254 nm wavelength as most organic compounds, specifically aromatic organics, absorb light at this wavelength. Benefiting from our innovative Ortho-Beam and Split-Sense Pro technologies, accurate and reliable measurements are output for the highest level of confidence in organics monitoring.

Continuous organic monitoring can bring significant value to many applications including UV disinfection performance and efficiency, coagulation dose optimization, DBP formation potential, source water monitoring and so much more.


  • Practical, accurate and affordable
  • Real-time UVT or UV254 organics monitoring
  • Patented technology provides superior measurement performance
  • Operator friendly, low maintenance design
  • Wastewater to high purity measurement ranges
  • 4 line x 20 character backlit LCD display
  • Innovative custom calibration feature
  • Simple to install and easy to operate
Path Lengths 1, 2, 4, 8 mm (M2000 series)
10 x 20 mm (M3000)
50, 100, 150, 250 mm (M4000 series)
Parameters UVT, UV254
Range Depends on model selected. Refer to range chart
Accuracy ± 0.5% FS
Units % or cm-1 (mg/L correlated value)
Sampling Time 10 seconds
Calibration In-situ zeroing to any sample with known UVT. No further calibration required.
Cleaning In-situ cleaning makes cleaning quick and easy. Automatic chemical cleaning is optional.
Self-Diagnostic Detection and diagnosis of internal system fault
Operator Interface Five push buttons to control a comprehensive hierarchical menu system
Display 4 line x 20 character backlit LCD with LED alarm indicator
Alarms Dry contact terminals allow operator configurable alarms for:
high and low UVT/UVA set points, low lamp output, leak detected, system fault, etc.
Humidity Control Humidity sensor with large regeneratable desiccant system
Outputs Self-powered 4-20mA, RS232 serial for PC
Wavelengths 253.7 nm (optional 550 nm turbidity compensation upgrade)
Light Source Low-pressure mercury UV lamp
Lamp Life 2 years
Flow Rate 300 – 1000 mL/min
Pressure Rating 20 PSI maximum
Fluid Connections 1/4″ OD tube push-in fittings
Wetted Materials Kynar, Polyethylene, Quartz, SS 316L, Viton
Electrical 24VDC 40W power adapter (accepts 90-250VAC 50/60Hz)
Ambient Temp. 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)
Water Temp. 0 to 90°C (32 to 194°F) at 21°C (69.8°F) Ambient temperature
Storage Temp. -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Enclosure NEMA 4X, wall mountable
Weight 22 lb (M2000 series & M3000)
24 lb (M4000 series)
Dimensions 17”H x 14.25”W x 7.5”D (M2000 series & M3000)
17.75”H x 15.5”W x 6.75”D (M4000 series)
Technology Ortho-Beam (M3000)
Split-Sense Pro (M2000 & M4000 series)
Warranty 2-year limited warranty (Extended care packages available)
Analyzer Upgrades Turbidity Comp. Upgrade, Cellular Modem, Dual Transmitter

* Technical Specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Water temperature range based on material compatibility only. Contact Real Tech to verify application.

Encore® 700 Diaphragm Metering Pump

  • Certifié NSF/ANSI 61
  • (Au choix) Moteur DC avec Drive 0-90 VDC
  • (Au choix) Moteur AC avec Drive VFD
  • Poulie a 4 rapport ou Entrainement direct (Au choix)
  • 6 Grandeur de Diaphragmes pour des capacité de 5 GPH jusqu’à 317 USGPH (1200 Litres / heures)

Instruction manual / Manuel d’instruction  Encore 700

Instruction manual UGSI version


Havre St-Pierre, Qc.

Fournitures d’un nouveau système de désinfection au chlore gazeux pour la municipalité de Havre St-Pierre.

  • Chlorateur Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan V2000
  • Controleur proportionel au débit SFC-SC
  • Régulateurs de vide Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan modèle 210S à transfert auto.
  • Détecteur de fuite de chlore Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan modèle Acutec 35
  • Balance Force Flow Solo G2
If using one emergency shut off valve on every opened container, you will be exempted of EER (Emergency environmental regulation (new regulation in force since feb 2020))
Avec l’utilisation des valves a fermeture d’urgence installé sur chaque robinet de conteneur, une exemption vous permet d’éviter d’avoir un plan urgence environmental pour votre chlore gazeux (nouvelle reglementation depuis Fev 2020)

Halogen Emergency Shut off valve / Actuateur d’urgence fermeture des valves de chlore







  • Closes valve in less than one second.
  • Mounting clamp fits standard valve and hardware
  • Through-shaft design enables manual operation at all times.
  • One-way clutch insures power-to-close only.
  • Applies Chlorine Institute recommended torque.
  • Three Year Factory Warranty


Analyseur de chlore, pH et Température en continu Depolox 400M
Avec des centaines d’installations au Québec, le Depolox est l’analyseur le plus populaire et le plus apprécié de nos clients.
  • Pièces en inventaire à Québec
  • Économique – l’analyseur le moins cher à opérer
  • Très facile d’entretien
  • Nettoyage en continu des électrodes
  • Le seul à avoir un régulateur de débit intégré










Procédure de calibration Depolox 3 Plus – Depolox 5

Manuel d’instruction Depolox 3+ instruction Manual